What Your B.Sc. or MSc. Will Buy You In The Marketplace; Why?

Najeem Akinwande www.yesnajeem.com

I guess you are not a young graduate struggling to acclimatize to the happening in the real world. That’s understandable, but please, read on and let’s encourage these folks.

Now you are through with the hustles of having to wake up as early as 7:00am to catch up with others in the class, and the need to meet up with assignments submissions and group presentations.


It’s a your ride to a new phase in life- the one that actually demands you to develop the highest self acceptance you can.

Are you prepared for the world out there?

I would be frank with you; that world is full of challenges, one of them being the issue of unemployment.

But things can be simpler. Don’t fret. You can guide yourself against the menace with adequate preparation.

Pay rapt attention to the words below.

I have discovered that a long term antidote to the state of unemployment that ravage our youths in this country is developing practical skills in building profitable small business leveraging the wider reach of the internet.

It may interest you to know that the main cause of unemployment is really not the LACK OF JOBS, but the actual LACK OF JOB CREATORS (you and I) that bring the jobs to life in the first place.

Obviously, no school teaches that yet!

It’s no news; large numbers of graduates are turned out every year, expecting to get employed either by the government or big corporations. However, the reverse has always been the case.

More graduates this day have gotten frustrated after years of hard work and study in school with nothing to show for it.

Large number of graduates still relies on their parents for their livelihood. The few that get employed are considered under-employed. Or how will you describe a situation where a BSc. and MBA degree holders only managed to get employed as OFFICE CLERKS!

That’s the hard truth!

But Wait. The faults might not be yours. You have been hardwired to believe some myths, and the effects are what you are feeling now.

First, I want to debunk the belief that starting a business requires a large amount of money. No. You can actually start a profitable business on the internet with a capital as low as how much you bought your second hand set.


In this post, I am going to talk about what you need to build that sustainable business and how to do it without falling victim to scammers.

As a graduate, who had put in a lot of efforts to get those certificates you’ve got with you, but still finds life a bit difficult because no one is employing you some things are responsible for what you are passing through.

Some of them are:

1). You stopped at a critical point where the school left you. The school had done its part in the process by teaching you theories and concepts that helped you expand your mind to be able to apply yourself in different real life situations (something very great), but do you actually use these gifts gotten from school? No, I guess!

You have allowed those important gifts to lie dormant in you. Now you know that life outside the conventional classroom is a different thing entirely.

Hopefully, you will be able to bring them back to life in the course of our interaction.

b). You think only in term of big companies/corporations: Because of the type of training you got in school, which prepared you as manager of other people’s affairs, you still think you can be as relevant as those living in the ages when that was appreciated.

You and I know that those companies are scarce in relation to the large number of graduates being turned out every year. Why? Again, because of the dynamism in today’s world affairs.

c). As a result of the above, you developed the mentality that for you to start and run successful small businesses, you need huge start-up capitals. (This is a big myth).

d). Inordinate emphasis on writing glamorous business plan before you start your business:

That’s also another myth. I’ve had to attend business plan writing trainings, and partake in business plan competitions, but what? It’s just a plan!

I have written at least three (3) perfectly put together, bonded business plans that ended up keeping me within my comfort zone, expecting to raise funds from investors to make it happen. They ended up in the waste basket.

If you allow this, you will only get fixated on the wrong thing. If I may tell you, honestly, you don’t need any of such thing if you ever will succeed starting up.

It only keeps you in the state of fantasy unnecessarily.

Business plan is important, don’t get me wrong. But not at a stage you are not yet sure of your business model. You are working on guesses at your start up stage.

It’s only when you’re clear about what works for you that you need to worry yourself about that.

Leave the writing of glamorous business plans to established businesses that already knew what they do in business.

e). You even tried by attending motivational seminars and thought that’s all. No! Your success needs far more than the motivations out there. Being practical and determined to work it is the answer.

f). Maybe you haven’t even made any move to develop yourself personally. You believed that the government of the day should and will provide you jobs after graduation. The various ideologies, which are irrelevant to your immediate environment that you allowed to have places in your mind while in school could be traceable to that.

The reality of things has made you go look for ways of making up for the unavailable job. After all, ‘man must wack’!

You Have Been Told That You Can ‘Make Money On The Internet’!

You must have heard, read or watched about the possibilities of building your own business on the internet. Yes, you have.

It’s true you can, but please, be cautious in your quest.

The online community, especially Nigerian’s have been infiltrated in recent time by dishonest individuals, whose aim is to take advantage of the rising rate of unemployment to swindle unsuspecting youths of their hard earned naira under the guise of “Making Money Online” (my experience).

They promise fabulous rewards in short time, even with no experiences, money or any skills whatsoever.

Maybe you have been disappointed by bogus promises before. You are thinking you’ve got personal issues because you could not ‘make money’ as you were made to believe.

This had even led you into debt.

I was in your shoe! I lost hundreds of thousands of Naira (over N900, 000) to those impostors parading themselves as internet gurus while following their deadly plans rapped around deadly schemes before I knew it.

I’m here to tell you that those people selling you the schemes are the ones making the money. And if you continue to follow them, you will only remain busy ad broke.

That’s actually their plan, anyway; to perpetually keep you in their buying web for as long as you allow them.

But, I have good news for you today.

With all the training you’ve got in school and your determination to succeed, it is very simple to build a business that add values to others and get paid doing so.

This is what I’m promising you.

I will take you through everything you need to build your own sustainable business around your soft assets (knowledge, passion, skills and experiences), and you will never fall victim to those self acclaimed gurus who waste your time and money anymore.

These are the exact things I used to re-build my own business without their hypes.

But I need your consent to do that.

By the way, do you still remember the six success paths I enumerated in my FREE book to you?

If you have not read through the book, I encourage you to go get a copy here. Ok, good!

Today, I am going to take you through the first step of the process. Please pay very close attention to this as it determines a lot of your success.

Wait, before we go on, I want to intimate you with very important thing here, based on my over 19 years’ experience in business.

Many people try to make things work, but no success. A lot of factors could contribute to that. What I noticed is that most of them are wrongly focused on the less important part of the whole, leaving the main things undone.

The most difficult thing to do in anything, business inclusive, is to start.

Pressing that little start button could be scary at times. Yes, it’s, but it can be rewarding if you take the plunge, not before doing the right things though.

You may expect me to go just straight to topics like how to build your website, building products, getting traffic and host of other less important things that you have been conditioned to believe are the most important.

No. Just bear with me as we painstakingly lay a very solid foundation for what we are going to be building for long term benefit.

Right… today’s topic is … YOU and YOUR WHY

This may be the first article you will read since you visited this blog. Whether that is true or not, it’s aimed at setting you on the right path to success.

What I noticed is that most of people are wrongly focused on the less important part of the whole, leaving the main things undone.

Our focus majorly on this blog is to get perfect understanding of what make profits in a business and how to do more of such things.

There are many components to the whole system. And I promise to touch as many as I can.

You may expect me to go just straight to topics like how to build your website, building products, getting traffic and host of other less important things that you have been conditioned to believe are the most important.

No. Just bear with me as we painstakingly lay a very solid foundation for what we are going to be building for long term benefit.

Without further ado, let us dive into the requirements to get your profitable business up and running in the shortest possible time.

Here Is What You Are Going To Learn In Today’s Post

  • How to develop the right mindset that fulfills your why in business
  • What’s your business purpose?
  • Long term versus short term focus:

Here is why this is very important

Getting this correctly will give you a solid foundation upon which you build your long term profitable business. It will stand you out from the crowd and determine how successful you will be.

You will never bother yourself about competitions around you, because most time, they all are getting things wrong, giving you the leverage to profit massively from what you do in your market place.

You will also get the advantage of spending less time and money on building your business, and become laser focused on only what works.

This is the greatest weapon no one can give you.

Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well, so said ‘someone’.

A popular mindset you find among people both online and offline nowadays is to just make quick money, not minding what it takes.

You can relate to this?

But, honestly that doesn’t last.

The get rich quick mentality is one that you should get rid of right from now, so as to be able to ensure you succeed.

Anything worthwhile in life takes time. So, as an entrepreneur, the creator who you are, should focus less on the immediate gains to earn from your efforts.

The reason why most people, including maybe you, have been scammed by the impostors is because the scammers already knew what drives your emotion and they just exploit the opportunity you afforded them.

It is all about being trapped in the mindset of immediate gratification. That perfectly defined who I was 🙂

Most people are not ready to give success what it takes.

They forget or maybe they don’t know that there is always a prize to be paid for anything worthwhile in life, business is no different. It’s like nurturing a baby until he is grown to adulthood when he can take good care of himself.

You reading this now and taking action is an investment towards your success. No matter how small you may consider it to be.

The real success lies in having long term focus on a project and working towards achieving your vision. The idea of ‘making money online’ without a business to leverage will not serve you for a long term.

Immediate gratification is the mindset of the buyers, while delayed gratification is that of the sellers/producers who understand the game. And for you to be successful, you need to be a seller (the one who understands the game).

It actually takes a disciplined mind to be able to delay some of the enjoyment for later days, which ensures rest of mind and longevity in your success.

Avoid the short-sightedness in most people just looking to make money without the main thing that makes the money (business).

You will never have any asset of value, running from one shining object to another, irrespective of its alliance with your vision. That’s if you even have one in the first place.

Your business exists to serve a target audience (clients/customers).

To succeed at all you must stop nursing the belief that your ultimate reason for being in business is to make profit.

That’s what you were taught in school, I guess!

But, frankly speaking, it sucks! It does not really work that way in real life. The truth is profit making is a bye- product of the amount of values you deliver to your clients. The more of this you can do is the more profit you will make.

If you deliver no value to them, you may have to forget about making any profits, which means you have no business.

I hope you will honestly and transparently deliver values to your target audience and get paid in return.

That’s a better route to long lasting success. Not the one hit wonders’ way.

Ideally, to every new endeavour, there could be some challenges. But, I am here to help with whatever challenges you might have as regards building your own sustainable business, not just following the herd with the ‘make money’ mentality.

Do You Know WHY you are doing this?

The driving force behind everything you do, that keeps you going at times of challenges is the WHY you do what you do. It’s the motivation behind everything you do.

It must be strong enough that nothing under the control of human being would make you yield in a different direction.

My question to you is why do you want to build a business?

When it comes to your motivation behind starting a business and becoming successful with it, your answer to this question is ultimately more important than the how, what and where, because without knowing your ‘why’, you likely won’t ever get past other factors.

If you don’t know why you want to build a small business of your own, chances are good you won’t follow through on the business set up, and even if you do, you won’t last long as a business owner.

Knowing your why is very important. It will push you through those tough moments in your business building journey.

With a clear sense of purpose, you will persevere through circumstances and take risks that will take you to your destination.

It’s common to see people telling me why their why in business is to make money. Money is good, and to be honest with you, it’s very important.

But, it’s not a strong why that can ensure your sustainability in business. Would you continue to do what you do when that money do not come at a time you think it would?

You may need to have a rethink if your WHY is only to make money.

This is because having such a Why subjects you to giving up your vision. It’s not strong enough, because the truth is you may not make the money at a time you think you will, and this could tempt you to abandon your vision for something else that promises quick money (none of which is sustainable).

The journey you’re getting on will be full of challenges. You can’t do anything about this. It’s just natural!

The only thing you can do is to have a WHY that keeps you going, no matter what.

Just to be upfront with you, you will be faced with different forms of challenges like running out of enthusiasm to get to work on a certain day, feelings of no ideas to write about, too much work that make you consider quitting, destructive criticism from folks whom you have different philosophies with, challenges of interrupted power supply and affordable access to the internet.

And any others you want to add!

Am I telling you this to scare you?

No. Far from it.

I’m just being transparent by telling you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. This will ensure that you begin on a solid foundation and with adequate preparation.

I don’t want you to jump into this with both feet without having the right mindset.

There were times I felt like quitting my vision, but I kept going, in the face of challenges, not because I was a superman but because of the WHY I had set for myself before I got in.

Here is my WHY. . .

To be the best father I can to my children and family, and to contribute to the development of the nation by empowering you and 9,999 other resourceful innovators, problem solvers and entrepreneurs who will use their knowledge and experiences to solve societal problems, employ themselves and contribute to national development between now and  year 2020.

This is what I remember every time I get that silent voice telling me to go do something else.

Having a strong WHY will continually keep you focused on your vision and mission, and you will never be easily distracted by unnecessary things that are not congruent with your focus.

Another reason for having your why before we go on is to ensure that you have the required commitment and the resolve you need as you start building your business.

Without it, you will quit before you get there.

It’s very important you do this now.

Do it now. I’ll wait!

If you’ve got that done, then the object of your focus- making money will come naturally because your WHY would have guided you to focus on your mission, which ultimately should be based on adding values to your target audience. And if you’ve added values to them, it’s natural you will make money.

Now before we rap up this discussion, you will probably have some nagging doubts about whether you can do this. And I think it would be ok to address some of them here so as to be able to face your vision with enough certainties

Do any of the following relate to you?

  • You’ve tried similar things in the past but didn’t work. I know you’ve, and I’ve also tried several things that got me wounded before I got my break. What you will be getting in our interactions will be far from those time wasters and frustration laden products that litter the internet. I will never waste your time on irrelevant things, so rest assured you will have your own break, just as I did.
  • You’re not technically savvy. This is one of the unnecessary myths that most of them have made you believe. You actually don’t need to be a geek before you make the internet work for you. Most of what you will need (to be discussed later) do not require you to be a coder or anything close.

Does a radio or television presenter care to know how whatever rays transmits his/her voice and image to the audience listening/watching at homes? Not really. You play your own part and leave the rest for others to compliment. So, you’re covered!

  • You don’t believe this will work for you. That is what nobody can do for you, because it’s only you who knows why you said so. But, what I know for sure is that, if you can consciously follow my guides and take action, you won’t need to waste any of your resources on any hypes anymore.
  • You don’t have enough time to do it. That’s another myth you need to do away with. When it comes to ‘time’, you can never have it in enough supply, no matter what you do. Even those engaged in obviously non-productive activities complain about lack of time.

The truth is you would need to create time for this, if it’s so important to you.

Building your own business does require time and commitment on your part.

Make the time. Stop watching so much TV. Get up early or stay up late when the house is quiet. You owe it to yourself.

It’s 2:34am here now, and I am typing these words so that you can get the right guidance on building your own business without falling victim to the scammers. I have several other things demanding my attention, but because I had already set my WHY, I cannot afford to stray away from doing this.

So, for you to say you don’t have time for this may mean that you are not ready to make that required change in your life. You’ve got to create time.

Still not convinced about having a strong Why before the HOW?

I found this video by Simon Sinek very helpful. You can watch it below

Your Home Work

Because I’m very much interested in your implementing what I teach in our interactions here, I want to suggest that you get an exercise book where you can document your achievements, and monitor your progress as we go in the journey.

Use the book for all home works you are given, as well as a place to keep/ write down your ideas. Write “My Business Blueprint” at the back.

It’s very important.

Now settle down and think about why you need to build that business that adds values to your target audience, and never have to follow the get rich quick schemes that take you nowhere.

Work on this and come up with solid reasons to build your business upon for a greater success. It may be anything. Just document them now.

This very first step is vital to your success. It forms the foundation upon which every other thing would be built on. So don’t fail to do that simple assignment.

Share your why in the comment box below and with the rest of the community.

 In my next post, I’m going to go in-depth into the step-by-step processes you need to build a business your customers love without any hypes or any of the common fads.

It promises to be valuable and full of practical insights. Keep a date with me and look forward to being a part of the next class.

I hope you have enjoyed the contents of this post and if it has added values to you. Go and enter your questions and comments on the comment box below so that I can keep in touch with you, I will personally reply to as many as I can.

Here is the posting the comprehensive guide to read next.

I look forward to serving you.

Thank you.

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4 thoughts

  1. Thanks alot for the nuggets.

    What is the Different between Business mission and vision

    1. Hello Samaon,

      I’m glad you found the post valuable. Thank you for taking the time to read through.

      To your question. . .

      A mission addresses what your business is, why it exists, its reason for being. At a minimum, your mission statement should answer the questions what it does, who it does it for and how it does what it does. It typically covers shorter time frames than visions.

      Your mission statement talks about how you will get to where you want to be. It defines the purpose and primary objectives related to your customer needs and team values.

      A vision on the other hand is more about the future and answers the question “what will the overall impact of your mission be?”. It describes larger goals that are anticipated to come into fruition from your efforts.

      Example: A business having a goal of becoming the ‘best’ or ‘largest producer of . . .’ in her industry within a specific period is talking about vision.

      How those anticipations come into fruition will involve the business identify values she can add, have proper understanding of their audience and lay out proper way to serve the audience. That’s the mission.

      I hope that helps, Samaon?

      Do have a productive week ahead.

    1. You’re welcome, Bablofil.

      It’s nice having you here. Do explore other posts you may find useful.


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