“If You Still Struggle With Job Hunting And Making Money, This Is What You Need To Lead The Successful Life You Deserve”

Najeem has written a book I have always wanted to write. Within the first 20 pages in, I already had 2 ‘AHA’ moments. I wish I had a book like this when I started out in 2003; it would have saved me a lot of heartache and failure”. — RONALD IKENNA NZIMORA, CEO, Digital Nexus Interactive, www.sellyourbrainsociety.com

You’ve heard people talk about the millions. Now it’s your turn to start making yours.

You will.

But, not until when you’ve read this hype-free, blunt, no nonsense, life saving book.

After reading this book, the only thing that will happen, is you will know and be able to take your idea and turn it into a product or service that people want and will beg you to pay you for.

You will get current best practices, hands-on guides, strategies and tactics in use by PRACTITIONERS who make money doing the right things.

And simple ways you can adapt them to your situation to start making your own money, irrespective of your business model- Affiliate marketing, freelancing, information marketing, consulting, coaching, e-commerce etc.

No fluff!

It’s written with you in mind (genuine hustler looking to make money).

To help you concentrate on, and guide you through the process of finding where those money really are.

Let me save you some time!

The money you want is actually made when you run your own business.

And that’s a secret you don’t want to forget.

 “If you’re setting out or have wandered the online world without success (buying and reading trash after trash), it’s time to settle to the guidance of Najeem.

He is quite capable of helping you achieve your biggest online dreams and importantly, it is apt to remember that with his guidance and genius, it is quite impossible to fail”.

— AKAAHAN TERUNGWA, Author, blogger and freelance writer. https://akaahanterungwa.com


Most of your efforts at making money would be noticed if only you can concentrate on building a business that makes the money.

That’s what wise men do.

I’ve got you covered in this book with well packed action-oriented workbook, tips, and tools to get you focused on what matter.

And successful case studies you can model after.

Here are some of what you will learn from the book:

  • A closely guarded secret you will never learn in school that will keep you in the search for financial freedom. Don’t miss this for anything. It’s what smart people like you use to harvest loads of cash with ease.
  • How to identify the commercial value of your knowledge and align it with the market realities so that you can get paid without wasting any of your resources.
  • How to get the clarity you need to be the best in what you do. You’re the engine behind what you do. You will know how best to develop as an entrepreneur.
  • How to leverage the current trends in our National development to achieve your financial goals – This is HOT for you graduate / undergraduate.
  • Simple ways to identify problems worth pursuing in your environment.
  • Unconventional ways to come up with business ideas to solve the problems you already identified – They are nothing like what you leaned in school.
  • What no one has ever told you on how to prevent wasting resources on products no one want in your market.
  • How to use the 2-Plus Concept to effortlessly architect a sustainable business around your knowledge quickly and become the trusted advisor in any niche.
  • The FRONTLOADING Strategy – use this to connect with your ideal audience and position yourself as an expert in matter of days in any niche.

This is an over 100,000 year old strategy that influential people like Bill Gate, Aliko Dangote, Rich Schefren, Dr. Ope Banwo, Frank Kern, Victor Bassey, Ronald Nzimora and Emeka Nobis use to create wealth.

You can use it to double, triple and quadruple your clients and profits with no increase in your advertising budget.

  • How to create products when you have no time whatsoever. Yes, I know you’re busy as it is. You will find this process embarrassingly simple to do.
  • Why your product is never the real reason customers buy from you (even if they think it is). This is a huge insight!
  • How to leverage latest research in cognitive neuroscience to secure a preeminent position in the minds of your customers and dominate your market within a short period.
  • The PAPCOS system. This tool will change the way you look at your business forever. It will help you build the business that guarantees repeat buyers for your products without being a tech nerd.
  • How to create a huge demand for your product or service using scientifically proven principles that only a few know about.
  • The most important thing to pay attention to in your business – Most people miss this and it costs them everything.
  • How to plan your marketing process to seamlessly lead your prospects to say YES to your offer without straining your budget?
  • How to use proven psychological principles to gain spectacular understanding of your target market and predict their behaviours and get them to pay you money anytime you want.
  • How to secure the attention of your market without resorting into any sleazy tactics as found in the market and stand yourself out – This is superb you need to pay close attention to it.
  • How to leave in your prospects mind for as long as you want and cause them to do what you want?
  • How to make your prospects buy your products before they pay you and turn them into evangelists for your business.

. . .  And much more.

The book is a reference guide anytime you want to build a business that will make you money.

Numbering about 181 pages, this book is a treasure and resource to have. It’s both a guide and a template. Written in very simple diction, it paves the path with a stamp go authority that can’t be overlooked.

  — EMEKA NOBIS, CEO, Profound Impact International, www.emekanobis.com

It contains every steps you must take from when you conceive an idea to when it’s turned into useful solution and getting people to pay you cool cash.

Don’t waste your time on fantasies of becoming a millionaire without the right map anymore.

Get this compass and set out with greater certainty for success.

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