The Big Fat Lie About Making Money Online And How To Finally Escape The Trap

Here is the big fat lie you’re being told about making money online and how to finally escape the trap today

It’s not an accident!

They are deliberate about making you think about making money online the way you do today.

But, you’re more informed now, and you are ready to take charge of your life, never to pay attention to their latest shining objects that lead to dead ends again.

You’ve always been told only to buy the latest product, and you’ve been expecting money to follow, because what you were told is that the money would come easily and quickly while you are asleep and without any experience on your part.

IT’S A BIG FAT LIE. And that only has a place in the DREAMERS’ land.

You’ll agree with me that what you want when you buy a product is to get the solutions as promised by the seller.

All too often, such claims and promises are not delivered in the products.

Let’s get real here.

There is nothing more annoying than investing years of efforts in educating yourself for a minimum of four years, only to be forced to live a life of fruitless search for what to engage with and getting scammed by impostors parading themselves as gurus online.

If you’re tired and sick of looking for the unavailable jobs, wanting to make money, have worked hard to acquire theoretical knowledge, experiences and skills in school, or you have someone who is, and you would like to turn them into products and services that people will want and pay you thousands of naira to get, so you can find success and financial freedom and never have to depend on parents, friends or relatives for your livelihood again, you’ve taken the wisest step towards transforming your life.

You’ve heard a lot of claims about making money online. Maybe you’ve tried to do the same but you’re yet to see any result.

I can relate with you!

I was in the same situation you’re now for about seven years; dabbling around from one ‘big opportunity’ to another, only making those behind the opportunities richer.

My life changed the day I realised there should be a better way to achieving success and financial freedom.

But, that didn’t happen until after I had lost over nine hundred thousand naira. That’s about a million naira (1,000,000) in the fantasy.

You’re reading this now. You want to make money, that’s why you need to pay attention to this;

At a point, I had to look elsewhere for safety.

What was my problem, and possibly yours today?

I was working on a wrong mindset. I was deliberately kept in the dark as to what really made the money.

I’m not here to be your best friend or your favourite ‘guru’ either. You know what those can do, I guess!

I am here to tell you the truth and show you what the real deal is. Hopefully I can cause the little shift you need in your life, where you can see the real secret behind things and stop wasting your resources.

There’s the need for somebody to tell you the truth and wipe away the smokes you’ve got blown on your face by the hope sellers.

You’re yet to make money, and will NEVER make money if any of these apply to you…

  1. You an opportunity seeker treating making money like a game or dabbling from one opportunity to another.
  2. You feel entitled and expect others to make wealth happen to you?
  3. You buy ready made thinking from the gurus. You expect others to do your thinking for you.
  4. You’re looking for some secret strategy or tactic that is easy and will make you rich overnight.

Get this today. Making money is simple if you GET IT.

It’s not how many hours you spend online.

It’s not how many groups you belong.

It’s not how many programs you join.

It’s not how many eBooks, dvds or seminars you buy.

It’s not the quick or easy picture they paint of your breakthrough.

Here Is The Blunt Truth Most Marketers Will Never Tell You

For you to make money online or off, you MUST become a SELLER or a CREATOR of something. That’s when you can have economic power.

A creator is someone who provides value and shares knowledge with others. In the process, you help improve lives and earn continuous income.

That’s the transition you need to make.

That’s where the money is made my friend. Ignore that little voice in the back of your head telling you there’s some magic button or easier way.

That voice lies. That voice does not know what the really successful ones in the industry do.

The magic buttons, miracle software and schemes and loop holes and quick fixes everyone sells you are not the answer.

There are no free lunches.

Get busy SELLING good stuff, no matter how small and do not dabble from one opportunity to another anymore.

That’s the transition you need to make today.

It can be challenging, but that’s what those selling you the products do. And it’s the reason they are rich.

Would you like to be rich too?

Then you need to do what they do in a more honourable and humane way.

Entrepreneurship is the new trend in the country now. And it’s the future.

Government at all levels do everything to promote it as a means of stepping up our national development.

The ‘gurus’ are already embracing this and re-branding themselves in the same direction. They should, because that’s what stands them out as the real entrepreneurs.

That’s not a criticism. It’s the TRUTH. And a secret for you to hold on to if you need your own breakthrough too.

There’s currently a big shift from just wanting to make money to building the money maker.

Can you see something here?

Look my friend, it’s very simple, you either waste time and money pursuing the latest fads, fantasising about making money or build a real business that generates sustainable income.

If building a real business around your knowledge is your choice (I guess it should be, because you’ve never been lucky getting anyone to loan you a start up fund of N5, 000,000 for that manufacturing idea neither have you found a job of your dream) then you have to find an opportunity gap you can fill. In other words, find an opportunity… a need… a want… in your marketplace, and fill it!

This is going to require you to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself…

“What are you good at already?”

If you do this and find you are not good at anything yet, then this is the question to answer:

“What CAN you get good at fast?”

What I’d recommend you do is figure out what you gravitate towards.

You are going to need to pick one and get good at something. It’s called specialized knowledge and it could be the quickest way to succeed and achieve your financial freedom.

The good news is you’ve already got that specialised knowledge you need as part of your academic knowledge. You only have to polish it and `make it commercially viable.

You must have a specialised knowledge that is very useful in your chosen niche. And it’s what you must deliberately get for the purpose of transforming lives and making money with it.

You may not get this with the general knowledge you had in school. So, get serious with yourself and discover what problems you can solve for people in your niche.

If you don’t have the specialised knowledge, then dedicate time to learning and mastering the rudiment about the topic and get yourself set up for life.

NOTE: Information is everywhere, the internet is the information super highway, and problem is, general information is useless for earning money.

Nobody asks you the typical definitions and terms you’re used to in school.

Here is a very useful quote for you:

“Knowledge will not attract money, unless it’s organized, and intelligently directed, through practical plans of action, to the definite end of accumulation of money. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion for millions of people…” think and grow rich.

If you can acquire the ability to create great value, then you can earn a fortune from your knowledge and never have to depend on your parents, friends and relatives for anything financial again.

Or continue to spend your money on, and entertaining yourself with the trash. Period!

You CANNOT make money or become financially free if you continue to remain a BUYER just looking for things to buy.

You must become a SELLER yourself.

It’s simple and within your reach to become a wealthy producer today.

This truth is rare to find online this days. Most sources will never tell you just so that you can continue to make them money, making them rich.

It’s time to switch the baton. You’ve got to make that change today in your life!

Imagine for a seconds, having a plan on your hand that shows you how to turn what you already know into million naira potential products and services and help others do it in few weeks from now.

How will you feel? Fulfilled, I guess!

You don’t have to pass through the same hard experiences like I did.

By the way, here is the second part of what I promised you earlier.

I’ve got for you, FREE the guide to using what you know to go straight to doing what lead to making money, avoiding the hypes and safe yourself from the biting effects of youth unemployment without risking a kobo of your money today.

I’m giving you at NO COST today.

Click here to get the guide and, please use it. It’s my way of adding value to you.

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Talk soon!

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