Stop Working THEIR Things, Start Implementing THE Things If You Need Success Badly

Don’t think about how much your life will be transformed until when you’re read the 532th character in this post.

Najeem Akinwande

I’m worried about what’s going in around this space; honestly.

It’s not new. It happened during the rush to do ‘sososos’ and so.

Now it’s the turn of becoming your own boss, build your own business.

The question is; must you follow this trend?

You cannot answer that question without knowing what to look for. If you’ve got them, then you can, if not please take heed and go do something else with your time.

The fact that you see everybody running towards a pole doesn’t mean you should. It may lead you to failure.Don’t kill yourself forcing what is not applicable.

The take away: be honest with yourself. Look Inward and identify what personality type you’re. God has given you a rare gift; you only need to discover it.

Everybody is intelligent in different context.

Is your person a creative one? Can you do things others consider difficult in a novel and interesting way?

Can you write, draw, sing, program, paint, design, invent, and innovate generally?

Is your person an analytic type?

Are you a strategist who can put thoughts and concepts together?

Can you see possibilities in uncertainties and create a path?

How good are you at simplifying a complex situation?

Is your person a practical one?

Are you an implementer?

Can you build using already structured plans?

These and few more questions are what you need to ask yourself before you follow a path with your eyes closed.

That guy/gal you see writing and getting applause had done this simple exercise.

The one rocking with video did the same.

That guy with oratory gift who dazzle people while on stage did the same.

And these are whom you look up to. You want to be like them. But, have you done your homework?

The world is wide enough to see different perspectives to issues.

If you want to succeed, you need to know who you are and what you can do that’s in tandem with your personality.

Then, acquire the Specialised knowledge you need in line of your gift.

Doing that will allow you to have adequate knowledge in that domain; something referred to as expertise, which others pay you to get.

Stop the ‘follow follow’ for the sake of following today. Go and know thyself and start the building process from the YOU.

Now imagine how much transformation you’ll experience in your life after acting on this simple advice.

The conventional path being taught by the gurus is for you to become a known brand, a known authority in your niche.

Everybody wants to be the instant celebrity, forgetting the processes that produce one.

This has been found to be a serious hindrance to your success. It forces you to mimic who you’re really not. And forces you to work against the normal flow of things.

It’s just like you looking for funds for your business without first validating and starting something to prove the concept to your investors.

You will fail.

Business is a system with component parts that must be put together. Acting differently at a wrong stage also will not produce results you want.

Imagine this, if you’ve not determined a working business model to drive your venture, you’ll not be too bothered about writing a lengthy business plan.

Being an authority is good, but it must not start there. It’s

Your journey should start from the very first stage of self-awareness through to that authority stage where you’ve been focusing.

You cannot be dreaming of becoming an authority without doing the needful at the preceding stages.There are many people selling you the hope of making money in your sleep. It may happen. But, really not after you’ve started making money while you’re awake.

That period of being awake is found between the first and second stage.

When you get to stage three where you have products in different formats, then you can be talking about making money in your sleep.

Your foundation matters much.

“If you cannot make money while you’re awake, don’t expect miracles to cause you to make money while you sleep. Be upfront with what is necessary and be real”

I hope that didn’t hit you too hard?

Of course, you agreed to be open to the truth, and that’s what I just told you.

Your success is what we’re after in this community.

Get to work on yourself and go and do exploits.