How Not To Make Money Online

Najeem Akinwande

You are on the internet to obey an important rule in business; to build customer base by getting their attention, engagement and commitment into your plan(s). Period!

Remember, this can easily be done with other media, and of course it’s being done everyday. The only advantage of using the internet is the wider reach and scalability.

So, why all the fuss about ‘making money online’?

One other fact you should take now is that you’ve contributed to your failure to make the money, despite all efforts on your part. Here is the problem. . .

Rather than accepting the reality, you’ve been playing the wrong movies to yourself.

Deep inside your mind and every other person around you is such a movie that rationalise what goal you fantasize on.

Naturally, when you and I decide or think about getting something important to us, our brains immediately play a little movie that shows us in the mist of enjoying the investment already.

Is it a new car, apartment you want or a new office space? Or you want to make more money online?

I know in your own case, it is making huge sum of money quickly and living large to impress your old school friends.

But, do you know what is wrong here?

You envision yourself making a purchase of that bogus promise, go to the meeting or seminar that seems the rave of the moment. The box arrives. You open it up and see a golden light coming up shinning and the movie fast forward to the end where you get fabulously wealthy.

The key ingredient in the movie is missing- the efforts you actually need to produce the result you are after.

First, the mindset of focusing on yourself, then your failure to acknowledge what success means in REAL LIFE.

You unwittingly avoid WORK that will make it all happen. The fantasies have beclouded your imagination.

This is what I do not want for you to continue with, if you’re really convinced of success in this. Your time is too precious to be wasted on mere fantasies.

I have no problem with making money online as a concept. And it’s true you can make money online. And you will.

But, do you know what you need to do to make the money?

If only you can be real, a bit, I can assure you will make tremendous change in your life starting today.

Take this; no-one gives you any money without you adding values to them. There must be an exchange.

Money making is a bye product of adding values.

You cannot make money when you don’t know how to market and sell what values you’ve got.

These are the essentials of any successful business; business that makes money with ease.

So, you should stop wasting your time on learning the tools, endeavour to understand the concept behind making money (online or off).

When you do, you can now apply it successfully on the internet.

The internet does not on its own make you any money nor does it has a place that prints the money.

That rule of business is what you should master.

The internet is just one of the other good old media for marketing your business.

Chasing money is a bad idea. In fact, you should NEVER chase money.

You don’t chase money; you attract money by the person you become.

Chasing money will do more harm to you than good. I’ll tell you why in a second.

If it’s so bad, why do so many online marketers do it? It’s because they don’t have a proper understanding of money.

Remember, most people online seem to always boil the concept of money making online down to this equation:

Screw enough people = Make More Money

And in a most basic sense, that equation is false. (As soon as you begin to think about money in a slightly more sophisticated way, you realize – like I said before – that it’s the only thing responsible for your failure).

That understanding comes from a promise I’m sure you’ve heard over and over, “Make Millions While You Sleep, With Little or No Efforts!”

That’s how the idea of making money is promoted by most players in the industry.

What I refer to as an illusion; focusing only on the event.

Nobody ever makes this promise, “Chase all the MONEY you want – Get NOWHERE – and GET FRUSTRATED!”

But the truth is, that’s much closer to reality if you don’t understand these truths about money. (The truths I will explain to you in just a minute.)

Why? Because when you chase money, like so many of the gurus’ marketing messages advise, it pulls you away from the things you should be doing like building a business that works for you instead of demanding that you slave “hands-on” day in and day out.

You will relate well with that if you’ve bought any of such products promising you will make huge returns on investment within a short period, even with little efforts on your part.

Despite all the over-hyped marketing and the likes that you get everyday, the simple secret is Building a business that makes the money.

I implore you to start doing the right thing today so that you won’t have to want to start after you’ve wasted years following hypes and gimmicks that lead nowhere.

Do you have any addition to what you just read?

Kindly share in the comment box below.

Thank you.

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