How To Shortcut Your Journey Into Financial Freedom Without Hurting Anyone

You will succeed without struggling unnecessarily by mastering this simple ancient secret of business success

Najeem Akinwande

If You Want To Achieve Success, All You Need To Do Is Find A Way To Model Those Who Have Already Succeeded. . . Tony Robbins

There is nothing new under the sun. It’s now left for you as someone who wants to do exploit to roll up your sleeve, find those who had done or are doing that which you want to do, then do it.

Just like that?

Commerce has been around a long time, and by now clever people have pretty much invented every business model that’s possible.

You can innovate in technology, markets, and clients, but inventing a new business model is a bad bet. Try to relate your business model to one that’s already successful and understood. You have plenty of other battles to fight.

If you find someone doing what you want to do, study in detail what they did, and repeat their steps you’ll and achieve the same success.

The greatest way you can waste your time is to re-invent the wheel in your business. If you admire any successful player in your industry or outside it, you will save yourself a lot of time and resources by paying attention to what he/she does.

Get yourself on his/her mailing list, buy her products and study her processes. Get a really good idea of what they’re selling and how they are selling it.

Anytime you attend a seminar/workshop, endeavour to not only get the knowledge. Learn the processes involved; how you got on her mailing list, what happened before you go for the training, during the training and after it.

This is called “modelling,” and the same process applies when you’re building a business.

Note of warning needs to be sounded here. When I say you model after someone, I do not mean you copy their works and claim ownership of them.

You must respect intellectual property. Doing that will only ensure you quickly secure a place among pirates; jail.

You will only be paid or your own perspective on anything you’ve learned. So, make sure you create your things with your own perspective on it. Not necessarily copying exactly what and how your model does.

Of course, this is what you do everyday, at most situations you find yourself.

You’ve taken your time to model after a particular person in behaviour or fashion.

Now is time to use it to build your own business. Don’t ever try to re-invent the wheel, because you may not get things right within the very short time you’ve got to live on earth.

It can save you unlimited amount of resources.

Why Modelling After Prominent Gurus Won’t Work For You

 It’s natural you will want to be the very best in your industry, taking after that prominent figure you have been admiring for ages.

There’s nothing wrong in that, you only need to be a bit practical about what you want to do in order to avoid wasting your precious time and other resources pursuing the impossible.

To model successfully, you need to consider accessibility to the person you want to model. This doesn’t have to be physical.

In every industry, there are major players who are at the top of their games.

There are also others who are only a little above your strung on the ladder. It’s advisable to look out for those little above you, because they would be more accessible to you and helping you will be satisfying their ego.

You can do it all day long. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s not.

Access to the giant in your industry could be seen as being at the 40,000 feet mark, but you can start at sea level and just work your way up to see what happens.

The players at the top don’t care whether you pay attention to them or not. They are less accessible as they get a lot of request from upcoming players in the industry.

You don’t need to know everything that the giant in your industry knows in order to bridge a small gap in your business.

Pick someone who is immediately in front of you and model him/her. You can easily get close to that person as against the giant in the industry. That also gives you the advantage of growing together as you move along on the ladder of success.

The same thing applies to growing a business (or anything, for that matter). Start at the beginning, and then work your way up one step at a time

Try to run before you learn to walk, and you’ll never stop crawling.

The point isn’t that you should be patient, taking things slow and steady with the belief that you’ll eventually finish the race.

No, the point is that the fastest way to get big is by using the strategy that naturally fits with your current stage of growth.

The more your strategy is tailored to your current stage of growth, the faster you’ll outgrow it and be ready for the next one!

You model people at the peak far away from you for inspiration, not for strategies because the stage they are currently would not serve you if you adopt their strategies.

You are just starting out while they are at the top of their games.

The only way they can be useful for strategic modelling is if you can get the strategies they used when they were at your stage of development. However, you still need to be careful because the strategies may be obsolete at the present time.

Use wisdoms from those closer but higher than you at the stage of success in your chosen career for strategic modelling because they would be more approachable, and their strategies are proven to work for you (Recency effect).

Here is the gist: If you’re just starting out. . .

  • Do what big, successful gurus DID – not what they’re doing now.
  • Don’t imitate the big gurus – or assume that what they do will work for you.
  • If you want to imitate them, go back to when they began and do what they DID…
  • … and now what they’re doing NOW!

That’s how to shortcut your journey into financial freedom without hurting anyone.

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Thank you, as always.


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