How Chasing Money Will Bring You Disappointment In Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Najeem Akinwande

Chasing money is worse than dogs chasing cars”.

Step back for a second and remind yourself that money and riches are just representations of values.

Let me explain…

In the days before money, business was done via a system of bartering; if I had a farm and I grew corn and I wanted meat, I’d take some of my corn to the cattle rancher to trade. But maybe he had all the corn he needed. Instead, he was looking for lumber to fix his barn. Then I’d have to take my corn to the lumber market and find someone to trade their lumber for my corn. Then I’d take the lumber back to the cattle rancher and then trade.

Very inefficient!

Money was developed as a way of representing value. I could sell my corn for money that represented its value. Then go directly to the cattle person and buy meat with that “stored value.”

So money represents value. And, “wealth” is essentially what you end up with when you provide the world more values than you use for yourself.

That’s really the ideal way of looking at ‘making money’.

And that also surfaces the ultimate purpose of your business – to create and add values.

But, why have you been chasing money all along?

Have you thought about that in recent time? Or, how about that your desperation to ‘arrive’?

You want to make money, I know. But who cares?

That’s your own problem, not your prospects’ for it’s glaring you’re not the one paying yourself.

Your prospects do.

Maybe if you’ve been told this truth before now, you would have settled for something meaningful, different from your hopping from one shining object to another on a daily basis.

If I may ask you, what problem(s) do you help people with? Through what products or services do you get that done?

You need to be sincere with yourself answering those questions.

Making money does not happen without delivering values. And you do that through a business not through any scheme, loopholes or the ‘deficiency’ you found in a platform or a system (which is temporary).

The more values you deliver is the more money you will make. This is where most people get things wrong nowadays; they want to make huge money while delivering little or no value at all.

It’s time to cause correct if you’ve been doing things the wrong ways before now.

You must learn the principles of business building and master them before you can make money.

How to create and add value is one of the skills you need to achieve your dream. It’s a part of the process that leads to the event- making money.

Without the process being followed meticulously, the event is sure, will never hold.

You’ll never make any money if your main focus is on the money but not how to add tremendous values to lives of others who have the money you need in their wallets.

When you wake up everyday, ask yourself how many more people can you help solve their problems, and you’re sure to see the event unfolding.

That’s it for today.

I hope you’ve added one or two insights to your awareness about money and business success in general?

If you did, I’m sure you’ll find more values in the book, “How To Employ Yourself” using your knowledge and experiences when you get it.

Thank you as you like, comment and share.


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