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Najeem has written a book I have always wanted to write. Within the first 20 pages in, I already had 2 ‘AHA’ moments. I wish I had a book like this when I started out in 2003; it would have saved me a lot of heartache and failure.

He not only shoots straight and tell you the truth, he tells it to you in a brutally honest way, something most writers shy away from doing.

If you have to read one book this year about generating a second income from a part or full-time business online and even offline, READ THIS ONE.

It’s packed full of so much goodness I didn’t want to finish it.“

RONALD IKENNA NZIMORA, CEO, Digital Nexus Interactive, www.sellyourbrainsociety.com


Results can only be gotten when the right processes are employed. To turn what you know and have experienced in into a stream of income requires that you know how to do so in a way that will get you impressive results. When those processes are painstakingly assembled in a way that will engender reproducibility, then a worthy system has been derived. That system can be hared with others with joy and satisfaction.

This is where I doff my heart for Najeem’s work, HOW TO EMPLOY YOURSELF: A To Z, Step-By Step System for Turning Your Knowledge and Experiences Into Sustainable Income Sources In 12 Weeks Or Less.

Numbering about 181 pages, this book is a treasure and resource to have. It’s both a guide and a template. Written in very simple diction, it paves the path with a stamp go authority that can’t be overlooked.

  EMEKA NOBIS, CEO, Profound Impact International, www.emekanobis.com

“If you’re setting out or have wandered the online world without success (buying and reading trash after trash), it’s time to settle to the guidance of Najeem.

He is quite capable of helping you achieve your biggest online dreams and importantly, it is apt to remember that with his guidance and genius, it is quite impossible to fail”.

AKAAHAN TERUNGWA, Author, blogger and freelance writer. https://akaahanterungwa.com

 “Your training was so informative, richly packaged! I humbly wish you God’s blessings as you bring your innovations, resourcefulness to enrich others in order to raise their heads in this poverty-infested country (Nigeria). Thanks a lot”. ADELOJU E. Olufemi 08037361943

A Must Have For Everyone

Are you planning to start an online business? Do you currently run a business that you want to take to the next level? This is the best book for you to read.

It’s extremely informative and so easy to understand masterpiece ever.

No delusion; everything is straightforward.

This is the first time I write review and this book just deserves my time.

It shows you not just step – by -step system for turning your knowledge and experiences to money but also gives detailed on how to build the business from the scratch that makes you money. It has been proven very useful for my online business.

The major benefits of How To Employ Yourself comes from reading, digesting, implementing and responding to the advice given in this book.

Bolaji Olaniyan 07060455840….Osogbo

This book is power. It’s a body of entrepreneurial knowledge that should be internalized even if the writer was your enemy. With its practical approach, simplified illustrations and apt examples, it will be inevitable for your entire business orientation not to change to your own advantage.

Thank you immensely for counting me worthy and blessing me with this book. It’s such an encounter!.. and I can’t even wait to read all over again.

Sincerely my first aim of reading this book was to be able to criticise the quality of the content and feed you back on it.

Secondly,  as a knowledge seeker, I knew the book couldn’t be totally bereft of a ‘message’, so I resolved to read it so as to make myself a better entrepreneur and possibly create multiple streams of income

My belief was that there are schemes that one will subscribe to online, and next thing is that you watch your money multiply just by doing little or nothing, may be by getting two or more persons to do same and subscribe under you bla bla bla (can’t really explain.. more like magic money.. and that’s exactly why such schemes or arrangements don’t buy my interest one bit)

Secondly, my belief was that when you do anything (whether daft or not, or come up with any innovation online, or maybe even your personality, that makes you have thousands of likers, followers, fans or high traffic, people or companies may pay you to help them advertise their product on your online platform having the number of people that will possibly see the advert.

Now I know better that no magic happens online. It’s the quality of material taken to the ‘online’ that makes one the money (online being just a medium to make you reach out to more people far and wide, and possibly target your prospect).  I have realized that the bulk of the work is ‘psychological/ non-technical aspect’, and that when this is mastered and put in place, it will be inevitable to see the returns and thereby make money from it after reaching out to millions of audience (and the idea of ‘targeted audience’ makes it possible to have a better returns from the exercise)

I like the manner in which it broke down of the complexities. i.e the simplified explanation. Explained in a way one can relate with with the use of simple illustrations.

OK, I’m a legal practitioner and I do abit of content marketing to the best of my ability. In my profession, it’s unethical to advertise, so now my knowledge has increased and my consciousness awakened on the need to pay much attention to the psychological aspect of dealing with client.  Now having in mind that clients careless about me but more about me creating a solution to their problems, I have realised that to sell my specific service better to clients, I must start by making them know that I know their pains, putting myself in their shoes and informing them of how exactly I have come up with a solution best fit for them, then making the offer irresistible by adding more benefits (which my contemporary that was serving them never added) so much so that only a fool will refuse to buy into the service

Sincerely, while reading and internalizing this book, I was matching/relating it with my profession cum the legal service that I render and a lot of ideas came to mind as to how I can win more hearts/clients and serve them with some services better than whoever was/is serving them.

I give kudos for that.

Secondly,  I learnt about identifying my prospect’s emotions and taking advantage of this in relating him on my best fit solution. Even though some of the things I read in the book are subconsciously known by me and applied sometimes,  but now I just see it clearly and I’m tuned to deliberate consciousness of the various concepts discussed and am quite sure this will work for my ‘business’ endeavors.

I also learnt that apart from my content writings that is aimed at getting prospects to Know, Like and Trust me, when I link them to my blog, I should also prepare what to sell for them.

I also learnt to consciously wrap my service around what they want, while I later chip in what the really need. Something I’v always known obtains for example in the music industry, but now am more than conscious to apply it with getting my prospects towards me.

The example: many years back my was a hard core rapper (if you know what that is), but since people will not pay attention and he will never sell doing that in Nigeria, so he was advised to do commercial e.g a party song (what Nigerians want) so as to them to KNOW him,  LIKE him, and  get them to be loyal fans (TRUST), then later on do the rap music he wishes to do (which I think relates to what prospects need).. and this worked perfectly.

This leads me to another lesson I learnt about “commitment &  consistency concept. I became barca fan years back for their style and winning ways, I guess even if they go trophyless for  2 or 3 seasons,  I will still be a fan. That is the bonding they have won themselves by their initial effort on getting me to be a fan.

I guess that’s how serious the business of winning prospects’ hearts is. Which means if I start in a somewhat father Xmas way to serve my prospects with valuable service and win their heart, there is a very high likelihood of such hearts remaining loyal, as they may see it as the case of “the devil you have known for ages…

I learnt about the necessity of collecting details of my blog visitors with the either of the tools mentioned as some might never return, hence the need for email follow up and update on new service.

I also learnt the need to have a precise ‘interesting’ service to render to the prospects my content marketing draws to me.

I can go on and on….now I have realised the multiplicity of task on me about the psychological/non technical aspect of ‘business’  because that is the engine and that this should be deliberately and consciously done in order to make the money. And this is exactly why I would RECOMMEND the book for anyone that is or desires to be an entrepreneur and employer him/herself.

Thank you immensely for counting me worthy and blessing me with this book. It’s such an encounter!.. and I can’t even wait to read all over again.

This book is power. It’s a body of entrepreneurial knowledge that should be internalized even if the writer was your enemy. with its practical approach, simplified illustrations and apt examples, it will be inevitable for your entire business orientation not to change to your own advantage.

Good job Najeem.

Ayoyinka Fadipe Esq

“The Practical business strategies were excellent. Your services are very unique, excellent and very practical. Thanks for the knowledge. I really appreciate your efforts, focus and commitment”. OLADIMEJI Ayodeji Seun. Ile-Ife. 08025268704.

“You want a book that simplifies making money online? Get How to Employ Yourself by Najeem Akinwande.

Najeem in his book has demystified the idea of being employed instead of waiting to be employed.

I would like to recommend this book to people who are really serious about making money online because it is loaded with the mindset and skill-set of succeeding in your online venture”.


“Your Business concepts are well packaged. They give variations in other areas where money can be generated”. Mr. LADESUYI Adeyemi, Delade Global Concept. 08035821635

 “The wonderful thing that I love about the book is that this book does not teach on just how to make money online but also how one can build the business that makes money using your own or other people’s knowledge.

Another good secret you get to learn is the APCOS system. I hope you get this book to learn more about the system.

You can’t get such on websites or Google but through people that has gotten the experience and ready to write it on a book”.


Have you read the book?

Kindly tell the world about how valuable it’s in the comment box below.

Thank you.

2 thoughts

  1. Whatever Najeem was feeding on while writing this book, I certainly want a copious amount of it. “How to employ yourself is easily among the best books on the topic coming from Nigeria.

    What’s more, this book deserves its rightful place among top recommended books for Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs all over the world.

    If I hadn’t got this book, I probably would have doubted it. I have seen people pay huge sum of money for books that are infinitely of less value than this book.

    And Najeem gave it away for free!


    When someone commands his brain, sweat and blood to produce such a gem, he certainly deserves our rapt attention.

    The world has waited so long for such a human. Now, at a very crucial time, Najeem is delivering a profound message to us all.

    What we must do is listen and act!


    1. Thank you for the kind words, Tope.

      I am glad you found the book valuable.

      Keep the spirit alive as the blogging world awaits your entrant come March 31st. That’s a commitment. Go and make it happen.

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