Avoid These Silly Mistakes That Could Rubbish Your Chances. It Did Mine!

Before December, 2007, I was presented with golden opportunities that, if I knew what I know today would have made me, not only a MILLIONAIRE in my 20s, but also an Academic Genius.

Unfortunately, I messed the great endowment I had up with wrong choices, mostly based on conformity to societal stereotypic beliefs and ignorance

How did I jeopardize those opportunities for becoming a millionaire in my 20s?

What could I have done better to have achieved my millionaire status at 20s?

What can you do to avoid making such avoidable mistakes and guide your actions as you aspire for greatness in life?

How did I manage the various challenges that made me wait for eighteen (18) years before gaining admission into a university?

How does becoming a dad affect your chances of getting rich? I does, if you’re not careful.

Answers to all these and many more are presented for your use in the book “BEFORE YOU BECOME A DAD”

The Simple 3-step process to build the millionaire maker is also ready for your use in the book.

Now is the time to be your best. You’ve got the potentials for becoming a millionaire starting today. Don’t wait until when you become a dad/mom. Avoid unnecessary struggles and frustrations today.

Learn from the mistakes of others today, because you can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.

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Before You become A Dad- Najeem Akinwande



Najeem Akinwande.