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If you’re a creative youth and entrepreneur with knowledge or expertise in an area of value and you appreciate transparency and honesty, we’ll help you to build sustainable income sources around them.

Our entire team and everything we do is built for this main purpose.

To empower you and 9,999 other resourceful innovators, problem solvers and entrepreneurs who will use their knowledge and experiences to solve societal problems, employ themselves and contribute to national development between now and  year 2020.

Why include YOU in our about us page?

Well, because this is all about helping you become a life changer by building businesses that benefit the society and improve people’s lives.

It’s also to get you acquainted with why you’ll be doing this as a solution provider with tremendous values to transform people’s lives.

Our philosophy:

We don’t sell information, because we know it’s cheap. It’s found in abundance online.

We rather give you the information and provide you the SUPPORTS you need to IMPLEMENT the information, because your success  lies only in the implementation.

90% of our contents is FREE for you. You will only need to add little resourcefulness and make success out of it.

The remaining 10% is reserved for paying clients in our paid programs.

It cannot be 100% FREE, because we’ve got bills to settle.

You’ll get original, well researched contents that help you along your path to achieving your vision.

What can you expect?

  • It’s not about get rich quick schemes.
  • It’s not about rehearsed contents you can find freely online.
  • It’s not about desperate tactics that have no place to fix into your vision.
  • It’s not about the hypes you find elsewhere online.
  • It’s not about fads that promises nothing but regrets.

It’s always going to be the bigger picture.

You’ll build something worthwhile, something beautiful and remarkable.

You’ll care about relationships, making an impact, building a business to be proud of, and doing your best work.

You’ll also know how to earn money, but never sell out your values for what’s important.

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Now About Najeem

Having being misguided for six years with hypes and misleading information leading to loss of over N900, 000, he went resourceful, eventually got the truth and created sustainable income sources using his knowledge.

Today, he helps creative youths and entrepreneurs who have knowledge and expertise in an area of value, appreciate transparency and honesty, but still struggle, to build sustainable income sources around them, and to earn profitably by using psychologically proven paths to consumer behaviour.

He’s the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ProfitsMax Business Concept where he serves small business owners and entrepreneurs to build and grow their business profits with high integrity in their markets.

His background training is in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing and Strategy, and psychology.

His academic background has given him so many insights on the reasons why people buy and don’t buy certain products and services.

He has developed and applied tools and methods to help his clients grow their businesses with appreciable results so far.

Najeem is the author of two transformational books; “How To Employ Yourself” and “My Experience With The ‘Make Money Online’ Scammers”.

About Our Community

Profit Mastery  Arena (PMA) is the exclusive community for creative youths and entrepreneurs, just like you and me.

It’s the free community of honest, transparent entrepreneurs who appreciate integrity and value. A place for people to find help with their challenges on building customer focused business, adding great values to others and getting paid doing it.

The Nigerian Online Business Community is tired of all those get rich quick schemes that further separate unsuspecting youths from achieving their dreams in life.

Now we want to reset it.

And bring back the needed transparency, honesty, values and customer centered approach that move things forward.

We help ourselves grow to achieve our lives’ visions through practical supports for others.

It’s a place where your concerns about starting and growing your own customer focused small business are addressed.

Gain unrestricted access to experts in house to get your questions answered 24/7/265.

I consider our community – The PMA Online Community the best that ever emerged in Nigerian.

This community will help you in developing practical skills tailored towards your personality and passion.

Not only developing practical skills.

As a member of this community, you will gain the knowledge needed to build businesses around the skills and become a proud owner and never have to depend on parents, friends and relations for your sustenance anymore.

You will become a problem solver, someone adding values to others and getting paid in the process.

The time has come for you to put into practice, the knowledge you’ve got from your school.

Let’s help you apply the knowledge to solving real life problems and get paid doing it.

Here is our call for you as a youth to abandon chasing the latest fads and create your own sustainable business through which you honestly add values to others and get paid handsomely doing it without lying.

It’s not difficult to do. And, that’s a better route to take, knowing fully well that funding for starting a big business is not within your reach.

And instead of wasting your time looking for the unavailable jobs, you will build sources of income that save you from being a dependant even after your graduation from school.

If you’ve invested years into your education and graduated, then you’ve got all you need to succeed irrespective of your course of study.

You don’t have to be a genius to build a sustainable business around your soft assets (knowledge, skills, passion and experiences). You already have all you need!

Something tells me you’re more intelligent, and never would allow those scammers continue to eat fat on you, keeping you busy and broke.

You are smarter than most people just looking to ‘make money online’ without the right framework to do it.

You’re not interested in lame “get rich quick” schemes. You’re not looking for a magical silver bullet that involves no work, no time, and no sense.

You’ve realized there is nothing like a faulty ATM that pours money into your bank account while you’re asleep.

In other words, you don’t have to be an Isaac Newton to do this.

We are a community of loving, transparent minds that appreciate honesty, integrity and value.

Kindly, join others by subscribing to Profit Mastery Arena Online Community to get the supports and guidance you need to achieve success and financial freedom without selling your soul.

Join us: You are welcome to the family!